About Us

Collaborative Medicinal Development, LLC (together with its subsidiaries and affiliates, “CMD”) is a privately-held US/Australian based “early-stage” pharmaceutical group that is dedicated to “breaking the mold” with respect to neurodegenerative diseases and cancer.  Currently, our target neurodegenerative diseases include amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Parkinson’s Disease, Huntington’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Frontotemporal Dementia.

In order to pursue this core goal, CMD has brought together a world-class management and development team; affiliated with the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry (WBI), a world-class invention platform to support the full range of CMD initiatives; and taken a two-pronged approach to selecting the particular initiatives on which to focus:  (i) proprietary invention (in conjunction with WBI), and (ii)  the identification and in-licensing of unique and under-appreciated (by “the market”) inventions of others.  Funding for CMD’s initiatives is provided by its founding shareholder, Cthulhu Ventures LLC, plus institutional and governmental grants.

CMD’s management team has extensive experience and expertise in drug discovery & development, regulatory approaches, business development, strategic planning, and operations management, as well as enjoying the support of an extensive network of academic key opinion leaders.  Importantly, CMD management has extensive hands-on experience in the design and oversight of clinical trials leading to marketing approval.  Many trials in neurodegenerative diseases, for example, have been lengthy, large and expensive.  CMD brings a new paradigm to this failed approach by selecting an initial indication with clear eligibility, established outcome parameters, short study duration and reasonable study size.  CMD candidates also have strong development opportunities in several orphan diseases.

CMD Proprietary Invention Program with the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry

As part of our internal invention program, CMD has created two novel classes of anti-amyloid small molecules.  As a starting point, CMD identified the toxic form of Aß using advanced protein chemistry methods.  Subsequently, a high throughput screening method for the toxic Aß was invented.  Intuitive design and development by Dr. Warner at WBI yielded molecules that deplete toxic Aß oligomers in vitro and function as copper and zinc ionophores.  The molecules are not cytotoxic to fresh cortical cells and demonstrate no toxicity to normal mice.  In a transgenic model, the lead molecules produced compelling results that are superior to high-profile agents in advanced clinical trials.